Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing describes the disruptive innovation of connecting devices and machines to each other and to the Internet to gather intelligence from every point of the supply chain.

Smart Manufacturing

LocalGrid™ Fog Computing Platform

LocalGrid Fog Computing Platform helps traditional manufacturing accelerate their transformation into Smart Manufacturing, where unprecedented business intelligence, and real-time supply chain and plant control can be achieved.

Accelerate Time-to-Implement

Speed your time-to-market for smart manufacturing through LocalGrid Fog Computing Platform.

Transform Communications

Transform heterogeneous communications protocols to open standards.

Secure Everywhere

Secure your data from the Edge to the Cloud.

Real-Time Supply Chain

LocalGrid solutions doesn't need to send data back to the Cloud to a central server. It can enable devices to make decisions locally.

Until recently, the Internet has been mostly comprised of computers such as servers, laptops, and personal devices like smart phones. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart Manufacturing describe the upcoming connection of devices and machines to each other and to the Internet. The act of sharing information between machines and with the Enterprise will enable real-time control, real-time production line changes, and supply chain coordination like never before.


Real-Time Control Across Supply Chain

Unprecedented Business Intelligence

Imagine a manufacturing plant that adapts to changing conditions instantly, or automatically retools to build custom products as specified by the customer.

Smart Manufacturing Plants

LocalGrid Fog Computing Platform

Smart Manufacturing will be a leap in technology that compares with the industrial revolution. Business intelligence based on big data, and real-time supply chain and plant control will enable hyper-efficiency.
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