Smart Grids

At LocalGrid We’re Setting A New Energy-Delivery Paradigm: We Think Locally To Make A Difference Globally

LocalGrid Solutions for Utilities

Accelerating Smart Grid Implementations

LocalGrid provides innovative solutions to support new technologies for existing electricity grids by providing simple integration, rich data-centric information and solutions that improve the effectiveness of power grids at the local level, piece by piece.

Secure Communications

End-to-end security from the edge device to the Cloud.

Decrease Infrastructure Costs

Generate more power behind existing transformers and move more power through existing assets in off-peak hours.

Big Data Solution

Real-time, high-resolution data analysis and autonomous control actions create a distributed grid that is less susceptible to point failures and becomes more fault-tolerant with local event detection and analysis.


Systems upgrades can be made remotely, over-the-air allowing the electrical grid to evolve with changing standards, applications and user demand.

Today we have a massive infrastructure problem: our electrical grids are aging and nearing the end of life. At the same time, renewable generation sources such as wind and solar are adding additional strain on existing grid networks – just when we need renewable energy. We cannot afford traditional methods of infrastructure replacement and upkeep as in the past, nor can we predict how that infrastructure will have to adapt to meet our ever-changing energy needs in the future. The current electrical grid is no longer a viable solution.


Grid Modernization

Upgrading Existing Grids

Bringing electrical utilities into the age of the Smart Grid.

Welcome to the MicroGrid

Decentralized Power Management

Distributed modular solutions are transforming how we think about grid infrastructure by providing proactive solutions that are evolving the electrical grid to the next level.

Much as the Internet revolutionized the distribution of information by decentralizing communications, in turn lowering costs and improving service levels, LocalGrid and distributed networks are evolving energy distribution.

A decentralized power system offers lower costs, more flexibility and reliability than traditional grids. Intelligent grid infrastructure is an innovative, cost-effective way to manage power generation, load and storage assets – even for renewable energies.

Our solutions allow grid operators to quickly adapt existing grids to the region’s fluctuating power needs, delivering solutions locally – as they are needed.


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LocalGrid vRTU & PQA

LocalGrid provides a next-generation approach to solving one of the biggest challenges of our time – increasing the reliability of electrical grids to meet the growing needs of the 21st century.