Other Industries

There are no shortage of applications for the Industrial Internet of Things. From smarter cities, to smarter mining, to smarter logistics.

IIoT Spans Many Industries

Some other industries LocalGrid can help

LocalGrid Fog Computing Platform cost-effectively accelerates your Industrial Internet of Things projects.

Smart Logistics

Real-time re-routing of shipments based on traffic, congestion, transport failure, weight changes etc.

Smart Agriculture

Automatic fertilization concentration sensing, humidity regulation, yield maximization, large scale hydroponics or aquaponics.

Smart Farming

Automatic feed rates, yield optimization, nutrient and vitamin optimization, antibiotics regulation.

Smart Cities

Traffic control, congestion minimization, power regulation, building structure monitoring, smart homes,

Smart Waste

Recycling sorting, collection logistics, weight / geographic distribution, processing planning.

Smart Retailing

Optimizing inventory on store shelves, product placement, and price elasticity analysis.

Smart Oil & Gas

Production and yield optimization, pressure optimization, fracking optimization. transport optimization.

Smart Mining

Yield optimization, resource priority, purification optimization.

LocalGrid Fog Computing Platform

LocalGrid can help your industry

LocalGrid Fog Computing Platform is an extensible embedded software architecture that can be made to adapt to a wide range of industries.
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