Virtualizing Industries Through Low Cost Industrial Computing: New Age of Distributed Intelligence & Fog Computing in Energy and Industrial Sectors

The Industrial Internet of Things is driving a fundamental transformation of industrial networks and systems with solutions that will impact how people interact with machines. The connection of people, machines, sensors, and a large interconnected network, combined with lower cost industrial compute power, will disrupt existing business models and fundamentally change the competitive nature of many industries. Nowhere is this more evident than in the power sector, where rapid decline in the cost of renewable energy, policy change, and the adoption of smart, distributed, and connected assets, is driving a revolution in how power is generated, consumed and managed. Investments to leverage Big Data will improve insight and drive efficiency; however, perhaps more than any other industry, the power grid must be adaptive, responding quickly to disturbance, and above all, be reliable. There are challenges with Big Data solutions when considering the bandwidth, latency, and security of transmitting vast amounts of data from industrial systems to the Cloud. Many questions remain around this transformation, including how it will impact existing infrastructures, value chains, business models, and workforces.

This paper provides insight into the strategies industrial sectors employ to improve the efficiency and reliability of their industrial networks and systems. It details emerging Fog Computing technology and how efforts to decentralize systems and architectures can compliment Big Data solutions to overcome many of the existing business and technological barriers to adoption. The paper explains how industries will utilize distributed intelligence platforms to manage connected devices, sensors, and machines to create a more secure and efficient network that has the flexibility to evolve with changing requirements and needs.

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