Accelerating IIoT

Industrial Internet of Things, Made Easy.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the innovative way of making your company smarter by connecting edge devices namely sensors, devices, and machines to each other and to the Cloud.

Embedded Software

LocalGrid is an embedded software platform that is installed on network switches, edge devices, and sensors.

Transforms Communications

Convert communications protocols from sensors, devices, and machines to open standards.


Real-time control can be achieved without sending massive amounts of data to a central station.

Robust Security

End-to-end secured data and communications from edge devices to the Cloud.

 See how LocalGrid Accelerates your IIoT Project!

LocalGrid for Smart Grids and Electric Utilities


LocalGrid vRTU is a software-based virtual remote terminal unit (vRTU) that transforms any intelligent controller, router, or gateway into a fully featured RTU.

LocalGrid PQA is a power quality analyzer that can be installed on NI CompactRIO 9068 units.

LocalGrid for Smart Manufacturing

LocalGrid Fog Computing Platform connects machines for real-time decision-making in a secure, standardized interoperable model across the supply chain for manufacturing intelligence.
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